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Le Mas Candille - a little corner of paradise, the only shiseido spa in France located in the medieval Mougins village where Pablo Picasso spent 15 years


Visit Belize > Bequiling Beauty

If you love adventurous locations where you can explore ancient ruins, trek in a jungle, climb mountains or Scuba dive among incredible coral reefs, you'll love Belize.

This small Central American country boasts a number of attractions, including centuries-old Mayan cities, more thon 175 Sandy islands, 240 varieties of wild orchids, 500 Species of birds and some of the world's best dive sites.


British Honduras became a self-governing colony in January 1964 and was renamed "Belize" on June 1, 1973; it was the United Kingdom's last colony on the American mainland. George Cadle Price led the country to full independence on September 21, 1981 after delays caused by territorial disputes with neighbouring Guatemala, which did not formally recognise the country.

Belize dollar

English is the official language. Spanish, creole, maya and garifuna are widely spoken.

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