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Top Ten Things to do in Manitoba

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1 - Sneak a peak at the polar whites
Top Ten Things to do in Manitoba  1

The best time of year to catch sight of polar bears is in October and November, when these massive beasts move from their summer habitat on the tundra back to seal-hunting territory - the pack ice that forms every winter over Hudson Bay. The unique local tundra vehicles, designed to move smoothly over snow and ice, protect passengers from curious or hungry bears.


2. Snorkel with beluga whales
Top Ten Things to do in Manitoba  1

In summer, polar bear central turns into the beluga belt, as thousands of 900-pound whales come to feed in the waters near the Hudson Bay. You can actually paddle or snorkel among these majestic creatures and watch them watching you! For a less hands-on approach, enjoy watching and listening to these highly vocal whales from a 32-passenger boat.

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