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Corsica’s reputation somewhat secret and mysterious makes the island a unique destination. Awaken your senses, touch 9000 years of history, taste refined Old World cuisine, feel the power of sacred places, hear music that comes from the depths of the land, and smell the intoxicating plant aromas of the island among breathtaking beauty.

Corsica, the Granite Island, was called by the ancient Greeks “Kalliste”, the most beautiful one. A mountain stranded in the sea soaring dramatically to 9000 feet, with 650 miles of unspoiled coastline, where the Mediterranean is deep crystal turquoise-blue.

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Corsica is not a resort island where things get “staged” for tourists. It is an unspoilt place, tranquil and authentic, without attractions parks, fast-food chains, where one gets a true feeling of adventure and freedom, so rare now in Western Europe. Spirited, wild and nurturing, Corsica is a well-preserved maternal cradle of early human civilization inviting people to reconnect with their roots and their spirit.

Corsican mountains are dotted with unspoiled pastoral villages. For centuries, the gorgeous coastland was uninhabited, by fear of invaders coming from the sea. Set high up in the mountains, the villages are the refuge of the Corsican soul.

Stroll in the narrow cobbled-stoned alleys of villages and their clusters of medieval granite houses, where no cars are allowed, perched like eagle’s nest high on the mountain.

Voluptuous silence, profusion of landscapes, magic places, land of culture and contrasts, Corsica appears to its visitors wrapped in mystery and wild beauty.

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