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Holidays in France take you to Paris' latticework Eiffel Tower, the château-speckled vineyards of Bordeaux and the Côte d'Azur's sandy coves, lapped by the Mediterranean. Dip into different regions on your holidays in France to meet locals that are culture-mad, image conscious and passionate about food.

City holidays
There's more to holidays in France than Paris' stellar art collections and gothic Notre-Dame Cathedral. Venture south to Lyon's Renaissance Old Town, a UNESCO heritage site, or Spanish-influenced Toulouse. Take in a cultural holiday in France with a visit to Lille's world class Fine Arts Museum or stroll the Strasbourg's medieval lanes lined with crooked houses.

Outdoor holidays
Château-hop in the undulating Loire Valley or whoosh down the slopes of the French Alps on a fun filled France Holiday. Wander Provence's olive groves and flower-strewn meadows, or bathe in translucent waters on the Côte d'Azur on your holidays in France. Choose windswept Brittany for bracing coastal walks and Biarritz for catching Atlantic waves.

Foodie holidays
If you're mad about food, a holiday in France means grazing each region for local flavours. Eat bouillabaisse (fish stew) in Marseille, choucroute (sauerkraut and pork) in Strasbourg and fresh mussels in Brittany. Take home Provence olive oil, Bordeaux wines and Normandy's creamy Camembert for a lingering taste of your holiday in France.


You'll find that each of France's 22 regions has a distinct personality: from the Loire Valley's silver-turreted castles in the west to Provence's fragrant lavender fields down south. For the ultimate winter holiday in France, go east to the snow-dusted French Alps. In summer, edge north to Normandy's rugged coastline or south to the ritzy Côte d'Azur for a relaxing beach holiday in France.

Basque Country
Basque daily life, it’s said, revolves around the church and the pelota court, or fronton. Don't miss La Fete du Piment (Chilli Festival) in Espelette. Thousands of bright red chillis festoon Espelette’s buildings and Saturday is devoted to selling and tasting them.

Châteaux, castles, parks and gardens, hot-spring spas, fitness centres, museums, amusement parks, adventure circuits, military fortifications, trips on river and canal boats, top quality art tradesmen and women (crystal, faience, lute-making),… you will be impressed by the incredible variety of things to do and see in Lorraine.

Discover the four colours of Périgord: Green, Water is all around; White, the countryside of Perigeux; black, travel back in time and meet your ancestors - 6 prehistoric sites to discover; Purple, The Bergerac country or the Land of wine.

South of France

From the Esterel to the famous stairs of La Croisette
Where the Var département meets the Alpes-Maritimes, the flamboyant Esterel massif, separated from the Maures Mountains by the Argens Valley, heralds the enchanting seashore that displays some of the most beautiful sights in the world to be found in Southern France.

From the City of perfumes to the Loup Valley
The road leaves behind Cannes' city lights, the sea-front and its turmoil, and goes into the fragrant plains of Grasse's beautiful countryside; passing through Mougins, one can discover the quiet charm of a village whose lanes wind up to the top of a wooded hillock.

Flamboyant and baroque: Beautiful Nice
Queen of the Riviera, Nice the beautiful, lively and colourful, spreads beyond the majestic curve of its Baie des Anges, surrounded by fan-like hills.

From capes to coastal roads, Riviera Paradise
Between Nice and Menton, the landscape's splendours together with the climate's mildness contribute to the Riviera's reputation as a delightful and fantastically attractive land.

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