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In this sprawling metropolis, Banyan Tree Bangkok stands out as a much-needed 'sanctuary for the senses'.

Banyan Tree Spa, like the tropical and sacred tree that inspired its name, is a delightful retreat from the pressing worries of the modern world. Embodying its own signature blend of romance, rejuvenation and exotic sensuality, this Sanctuary for the Senses is THE place for physical, mental and spiritual renewal. Relax on high and observe the world from a distance 63 floors up in the sky. Scale new heights of luxury with the invigorating 'Day Spa Retreat'

All is luxury
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Treat yourself the THAI Way
Banyan Tree, Bangkok 1

Thai Healer
The core of this treatment that improves circulation is an hour-long stretching Yoga massage, based upon ancient Ayurvedic principles brought to Thailand by King Rama III and inscribed in Bangkok's famous Wat Pho temple. To soothe aching muscles, steamed herbal pouches are applied on the body in an herbal heat treatment. An enriching Thai Herbal Wrap containing fresh ginger - traditionally used in Thai healing treatments - acts as a moisturiser, restoring the skin's natural balance and radiance.

Balinese Boreh
This invigorating treatment, based on ancient Balinese therapies, assists the proper flow of energy through the body. It starts with a deep tissue massage, where strong strokes improve circulation. A Boreh Wrap is then applied. The Balinese have used this warming blend of sandalwood, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and ground rice for centuries to ward off chills when the seasons change. The treatment is completed with a carrot rub to moisturize the body followed by a deeply relaxing head and face massage.

Javanese Lulur
Often described as the 'queen' of body treatments, the Javanese Lulur has been practiced in the palaces of Central Java since the 17th century and is used today by Javanese brides to soften their skin before marriage. The treatment starts with a traditional Balinese deep-tissue massage with strong strokes that improve energy flow. The Lulur Scrub is then applied, its golden colour reflecting its main ingredient, turmeric, which has unique purifying properties. The body is then coated in a cool yoghurt splash to cleanse and nourish the skin.

Royal Banyan
This signature therapy draws on the massage traditions used for centuries in the Royal Thai Palaces. Our therapist gives an oil-free Thai acupressure massage to improve blood circulation and alleviate muscle tension. Banyan Herbal Pouches, filled with lemongrass, cloves and coriander, are then used to apply warm sesame oil on the body while the Banyan massage, using East-meets-West techniques, contributes to the balancing of mind, body and soul.

Banyan Tree, Bangkok 1

Banyan Tree Spa Bangkok
51st -54th Floor, Thai Wah Tower II
Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120, Thailand
Tél: +66 2 679 1052/4
E-mail : spa-bangkok@banyantree.com

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