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Les Sources de Caudalie
If you’ve declared war on cellulite, this fall why not try the grape cure: grapes, and nothing but grapes, for 3 to 6 days in the Burgundy Region to give you healthier skin and a clearer complexion while detoxifying your body.

Hints & Tips for travellers

Jacline Travel Tips

It's a small world, they say, so there's no need to lose your bearings!

Check out our ABCs for smart travellers to give yourself a headstart

Over the months you'll discover lots of handy tips to make your travels more pleasant: things to take, things to do (and not to do); security advice for the house you're leaving for a few days or weeks, as well as great ideas and handy gadgets to ensure a fantastic, worry-free vacation. 

Travel tips

Don't let
cold, hangover, sunburns or bloating ruin your vacation!

Winter Sports
Some tips for enjoying your snowy vacation

Did you know that the sun's reflection from ice and snow has eight times more UV radiation than water – even in the summer.

Your feet
Your feet can take you anywhere, but they can also spoil your holidays
So take special care of your personal little mode of transportation!

UV Tips
The time has finally come to leave on vacation. You're looking forward to the sea spray, the sun, the warm sand... But be careful, because UV rays, salt and heat aren't necessarily your friends. One piece of advice: protect yourself!

Sea or Mountain
The sun our skin receives depends on six main factors. They determine sun exposure and protection type required.

Pickpockets - Forewarned is Forearmed!
Pickpockets can spoil the most promising vacations. Fortunately there are many preventive measures you can take to ensure a safe and worry-free trip.

How to find the perfect swimsuit
for your next sunny vacation

Did you know that your skin has a ‘memory’,
Top 10 Suncare Tips by Dr. Lydia Evans for a great holiday!

How technology improves travel:
5 Apps you shouldn’t travel without

Hydrate like a Champion this Summer with watermelon


Carry-on luggage
Some security reminders. A lot of people still forget...

Don't Let Jetlag Get You Down!
Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure there's never room in your schedule for jetlag.

Gastrointestinal Illness while Travelling
Each year, thousands of sun-seekers return home with more than just memories of their trip. How to prevent the "Montezuma Revenge".

Motion sickness
Motion sickness occurs when sensory signals are out of synch with our body's movement: an undulating road, patch of turbulence or rough seas. Causes, effects and tips.

Back problems that ail the businessman 
Rushing from plane to plane or sitting at his desk for long hours, the businessman generally is not in the best physical shape. Take care, because back ailments can hit in many ways.

Can I bring my pet with me on the plane?
Before considering bringing your pet along on a trip, check with your airline. Do some research in advance and comparison shop when it comes to transporters, destinations and dates.

Credit card
Never leave on a trip with only one credit card, particularly if your limit is in the 2,000-3,000 dollar (or euro) range. Some hoteliers or car rental agencies may max out your card

The pregnant traveler
People are now travelling more than ever before – both for pleasure and business. In most cases, pregnant women can travel safely but it's important to be aware of a number of factors, particularly relating to transportation and destination.

Travel green

Freshwater is one of the world’s most precious resources but pollution. Travel green to preserve this ressource.

Travelling with food allergies
Being prepared, On board, auto-injector EpiPen

And more...

Follow me around the world... and discover much more than the usual guidebook fare. A little taste of adventure far off the beaten track...

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